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Safari Clutch Citrus / Safari Clutch Pink Plumeria / Safari Clutch Solstice

I was randomly browsing Shopbop to do the usual “look-at-things-I-can’t-afford sesh” and came across the brand, Lizzie Fortunato. I am so inspired by their patterns and prints. I’m kind of a sucker for anything soft and pastel and am especially loving the Citrus print. The embroidery is fantastic as well.

Here is the Shopbop page.

Also, isn’t the background for this post lovely? You can find this print and many other delightful ones here. Endless inspiration!

On another note, Christmas is so close! I haven’t been feeling the holiday spirit this year. When I was younger, I would get so hyped up for christmas and be filled with warm tingly feelings. Now I’m like bah humbuggin’ left and right. I think it may be because there is so much going on in my life, that I haven’t been able to think about the holidays. Ah well, maybe this mini break will be a good time to sit down and reflect on the important things and also think up a reasonable New Years Resolution list. Wish me luck!


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