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ImageMy newest addition!

I was at Barnes & Noble today because I was getting a serious case of cabin fever being inside the house all day. I picked up this little gem. I know it’s been out for a bit now, but I never got around to flipping through it. I am a huge fan of the brand Kate Spade. The book itself is beautiful and filled with inspiration. It’s basically happiness in a book.

It made me think of some other fashion books that are great additions to the coffee table. I own all of these and always refer back to them when I’m feeling uninspired.


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1) 100 Years of Fashion Illustration by Cally Blackman – If you enjoy fashion illustration like I do, this is a must! It is loaded with different artistic styles and techniques. It doesn’t teach you how to draw or anything, but if you are already good at drawing, it is helpful when you’re feeling like you’re in an artistic rut and want to break out of your usual way of drawing. And of course, it is fun to flip through.

2) The Sartorialist: Closer by Scott Schuman – You probably have heard of his famous blog. Think of this as a book version of just that! This is the second book of his and I personally prefer it over the first book. The book is almost exclusively street style shots. I love to look through when I can’t decide what to wear or just to admire the unique style of each person. Some people are covered in designer duds and others are dressed in old jeans and thrifted tops, but both manage to look equally amazing. That’s the wonderful thing about Scott Schuman. He is able to see style not fashion, and captures it beautifully through his camera lens.

3) Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty – UGHHHHH, SO GOOD. The fashion world lost a truly talented designer too soon. This book is filled with work from his career. He had an interesting vision and his elaborate creations are a treat for the eyes. If fashion is art, then no one embodies that more than McQueen, in my humble opinion. If you missed the exhibit like I did, this needs to be in your collection.

4) Textiles: The Art of Mankind by Mary Schoeser – This is an interesting one to add to the list but I personally really enjoy it. It is packed with 1000+ color photos. That is 1000+ opportunities for you to gather design, print, color, and pattern inspiration. It is really hefty, but beautiful.


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