About Me

Marianne Kim is the creator behind the blog, The Pursuit of Lovely. She is inspired by great design, illustration, fashion, and photography. This little carved out space on the interwebs is a way to share some of the lovely things she stumbles upon.

Things to note:

She gravitates towards simplicity, especially in her wardrobe. 50 shades of gray is not a book; it is her closet. With the kind support of family and friends, she is slowly trying to incorporate more color.

God played a cruel joke on her and made her vertically challenged but too uncoordinated to wear heels. While she occasionally attempts stomping around fiercely in them, it is mostly a slow waddle. You will likely find her in either desert boots or white converse sneakers.

She has completely valid fears of just missing the subway, static shocks in the winter, and ordering anything new off the Starbucks menu.

Marianne graduated with a degree in Communication from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. After feeling unfulfilled in her post-graduate jobs, she realized life was far too short to settle with “just okay“. She followed her passion in the arts and is now studying graphic design at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

She is based in Boston, Massachusetts.



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